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Past competitions

WIN a mylee ‘The Full Works’ - gel nails kit 💅
Start date: 28-11-2021
End date: 24-12-2021
Entry fee: 15

WIN a full world mylee nail kit for Christmas! Now you can always have professional nails at home 😍💅 this kit is worth £155! We know that this is go

Won By:
Win £30 to spend on Black Friday Sales!
Start date: 15-11-2021
End date: 25-11-2021
Entry fee: 15

Win £30 CASH to spend on your Black Friday wish list! We felt like buying some stuff for you, but we’ll let you choose what it is - you can get the ca

Won By:
Win a Wild Refill pack!
Start date: 19-10-2021
End date: 04-11-2021
Entry fee: 8

Have you ever wanted to try Wild deodorant? Now's you chance! You can win a case + 3 refills of any scent you want! Choose between Autumnal scents lik

Won By:
Win an ASOS gift card!
Start date: 08-8-2021
End date: 24-8-2021
Entry fee: 12

Who wants £20 to spend on whatever they like on ASOS?! 🤩 click join competition to enter! The more times you click, the more chances you’ll have of w

Won By:
Win a Fiils Hair Duo Starter Kit with 2 months of refills!
Start date: 18-7-2021
End date: 01-8-2021
Entry fee: 7

Here’s your chance to win a Fiils hair Duo Starter Kit with 2 months of free refills! This brand are all about encouraging more sustainable hair washi

Won By:
Win 3 beautiful prints!
Start date: 07-7-2021
End date: 19-7-2021
Entry fee: 9

Here's your chance to win 3 prints from the amazing brand HannahNolloth! You can choose any 3 from her brand's Etsy page, which you can see by clickin

Won By:
Win a Moonlamp humidifier!
Start date: 15-6-2021
End date: 06-7-2021
Entry fee: 25

One of our best competitions yet! You can win your own Moonlamp humidifier! This lamp comes in the gorgeous shape of the moon with 2 light settings. A

Won By:
Win a candle & wax melts 🕯
Start date: 23-5-2021
End date: 05-6-2021
Entry fee: 6

You can never have too many candles. So we’ve collaborated with Blooming Wallflower to give you the chance to win a hand poured soy wax candle & melts

Won By:
Win a rose ring & universe ring 🌹🪐
Start date: 28-4-2021
End date: 12-5-2021
Entry fee: 4

You can win 2 gorgeously rustic handmade rings by Rings Boutique ✨ The winner will get 2 rings; 🌹 1 rose ring 🪐 1 universe ring customised to you

Won By:
Win a pink vibes beauty hamper!
Start date: 03-4-2021
End date: 18-4-2021
Entry fee: 7

We think you deserve a treat. So we’ve collaborated with Custom Beauty Hampers so you can get your hands on your very own pink hamper! This gorgeous h

Won By:
Win a handmade crotchet top AND a pair of earrings!
Start date: 03-3-2021
End date: 18-3-2021
Entry fee: 8

Here’s your chance to win your own hand-crotched top, made exclusively for you! Grace Kelly creates is inclusive of all sizes ❤️ Also up for grabs is

Won By:
Win a goddess candle 😍
Start date: 15-1-2021
End date: 29-1-2021
Entry fee: 8

You can win one of these stunning, handmade goddess candles from Niloh! These are the most inclusive candles, with the option to get in different body

Won By:
Win a Mooncup!
Start date: 21-12-2020
End date: 04-1-2021
Entry fee: 5

Ever been curious to try a menstrual cup? Now's your opportunity! 🙌 We've collaborated with Mooncup to give you the chance to win your own. Did you k

Won By:
Win sustainable leggings by Duco and a NatureUnite bottle!
Start date: 24-11-2020
End date: 09-12-2020
Entry fee: 10

You'll win a pair of premium, sustainable gym leggings from Duco! Worth £116! People are raving about these leggings, they're not only super comfortab

Won By: