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Green Velvet Mini Dress







Brand: Asos Size ordered: 26Kept£50.00
I bought this dress back in November & I still love it as much as I did then! It’s super versatile as you can see by the pictures & the ways I’ve styled it. I have actually dropped a couple of dress sizes since I first purchased it, the first photo is the most recent, as you can tell it hangs off my body more but I still think it looks great! The material is velvet & although £50 its quite expensive for a dress I genuinely think you get what you pay for. It feels & looks expensive. It’s super comfortable which is great as I normally always think the more dressy something is the more uncomfortable is.. not this dress! Solid 5/5!
#Dresses#Mini#Plus Size
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 24
Bottom size: 26
Height: 170cm
Shoe size: 9

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