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Magdalena Shirt








Brand: CrásSize ordered: 6Kept£69.00
I adore this shirt. I love the big poofy exaggerated sleeves, bright pink colour and high smock collar. It's a great stand-alone piece as well as being fab for laying under dungarees/dresses. Also, a great modest summer piece as the fabric is very light. I would say the tight turtleneck could be a little uncomfortable for some but as someone used to wearing these types of pieces I am not phased by it. It's a bit pricier than fast fashion items but I am happy to pay extra for brands like Crás who are sustainable and original. The shapes and fits of their pieces give a high fashion look without the designer price tag :) Very happy overall, it's become one of my favourite items in my wardrobe!
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 6
Bottom size: 6
Height: 172cm
Shoe size: 5

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