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About Desyr

(It’s pronounced desire btw)

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If you shop for clothes online, you’ll know how hit and miss it can be. So why is it that when you look up reviews for literally anything else, they’re there, but when you want clothing reviews, they’re super vague or just don’t exist???

Desyr is the first independent clothing reviews platform. You can read reviews for any brand, with real customer photos that show how clothes look on every body.

The best part? Desyr rewards you for reviewing clothes. Sharing reviews earns you Desyr Coins, which you can then spend to unlock discounts or enter giveaways with top brands!

Desyr is the most inclusive, lovely community of girls. Imagine an Instagram that was just for the girlies, where you just talk about the clothes you’ve bought. You can literally post the most gremlin photo and no one here’s gonna judge you bby girl.

Our Story

Desyr started when our Founder, Nina, was frustrated with how clothes never looked the same in real life as they did online. To your right, you’ll see a picture of Nina in the outfit that really put her over the edge

Then there were her friend’s savage jokes... One said she looked like Florence Nightingale, the other said she looked like a Victorian child that had been resurrected to come back and haunt everyone.

Shockingly, Nina returned the dress!

After doing some research into returns, Nina discovered thata lot of our online returns go straight to landfill, or they’re burned. Knowing how many returns she and her friends had made over the years, she know she had to do something about it.


To get a better idea of how clothes actually looked on real women, Nina scoured the internet looking for reviews. But, surprisingly, reviews for clothes were really hard to find. Most fashion brands didn’t have them, but even if they did, they were usually vague and unhelpful. They might say:

“I love this top!” or “hated this skirt” okay... why though? Did it not fit you right? The colour didn’t suit you? GIVE ME MORE INFO SUSAN. It’s like when a man tells you gossip, they never have any of the important details!!!

So, Nina built Desyr.

Somewhere where she could see diverse women of all sizes, body shapes, heights, skin tones, disabilities, and more, showing how clothes look in real life. Along with honest reviews that describe in detail everything from why they bought them, to how they feel, whether they wash well — everything!


To be the best community for women to share and read honest clothing reviews.


To create a fun and inclusive safe space where fashion can be for every body.


To reduce waste in the fashion industry and keep clothes out of landfill.

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