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ASOS DESIGN mesh waist and hip jeans belt in silver








Brand: ASOSSize ordered: SKept£9.00
So, in attempt of getting a bit of a cooler belt that isn’t the plain brown or black belt, I went on a little scavenge. I fell upon this stylish all-silver one and fell in love! Just the perfect added touch to a simple outfit and may very well put the “chic” in casual-chic attires. Now I’m not sure if it’s the size conversion from EU that I’m getting wrong (don’t mind us Europeans never understanding UK measurements even after half a decade living here) or if ASOS has them too big, but I feel like I never get it right. So even though I went for the S (keep on mind I’m an M), it still has a long loose end when I put it on. Couldn’t return for a smaller size because this was a lockdown buy... by lockdown buy that I mean it was one of the (few.. many.. some..?) purchases I sent to a friend’s house here in London while I was back home in Portugal ahahah. In my defense I did not know I was going to be away that long. Still, nothing a cheeky mini clear rubber band can’t sort out! So I’m very happy with it! Side note: the grey turtle neck in one of the pictures is also an ASOS buy (Pull & Bear roll neck long sleeved top in grey size M £12.99) and I absolutely love it. Got my usual size and it’s spot on. Hitting y’all with the double review again. Anything for your queens 🥂
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 10
Bottom size: 10
Height: 173cm
Shoe size: 7.5