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Glamorous black waist and hip jeans belt with tortoiseshell resin detail







Brand: ASOSSize ordered: MKept£3.50
Remember the days of low waisted trousers? Yea, I don’t wanna remember them either. However, when thank the lord, high waisted made a come back, I felt many of my belts became unusable as (maybe I’m wrong) they were much thinner that the ones we tend to wear now and look a tad strange on high waist. I mean I’m all for anyone rocking whatever they want if they do so with confidence! But you get what I mean. So, I had to scavenge for the good old basics. And what’s a complete closet without at least one good black belt? I really liked this one as, while I tend to go for classic looking accessories, the tortoise shell pattern added a lil something. I feel it looks really good when I wear goldenish tops and jewelry... But I’m no fashion guru here! It was the perfect width I desired and I’m actually quite pleased with its quality given its original price was only £10 and I got it for £3.50! Discount life is the lush life innit
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 10
Bottom size: 10
Height: 173cm
Shoe size: 7.5