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Repurposed Gucci Necklace







Brand: Boutique SecondlifeSize ordered: otherKept£220.00
So I ordered this necklace as a gift for myself (lol). I’ve really been vibing quite basic looks lately so felt like I wanted a statement piece to jazz my outfits up whilst maintaining that effortless chic . I have been absolutely obsessed with @boutiquesecondlife lately as I just think the concept of their brand is so cool. They essentially take vintage jewelry pieces (usually larger pieces with lots of different details/ parts to them so therefore very expensive) and repurpose them to make a new, affordable and entirely unique piece of jewelry. I absolutely love my necklace, it fits perfectly and I always get lots of questions about it. The quality is amazing as it was created from an authentic vintage Gucci belt, I love the fact it has this story to it. I also really like the fact that I can dress it up or down! The pictures on @boutiquesecondlifes Instagram account were completely accurate and whilst they only tend to have one of each item, having purchased other items from them I can vouch that this is always the case! I would 100% recommend giving them a cheeky follow on Instagram as this is where they announce all of their new collections. They sell out often within minutes so make sure you’re quick! @flopond #DesyrReviews
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Shape: Cherries
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 10
Height: 170cm
Shoe size: