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French Connection resin drop down earrings in black and white







Brand: French ConnectionSize ordered: otherKept£15.00
While I’m more of a classic pearls, gold/ silver medium sized earrings or bad gal hoops kinda lady, I wanted something that was a bit more extra and out of the ordinary. A friend of mine rocked up to a gathering with these big marbley-looking matte red earrings (that look amazing on her darker skin tone) and I got inspired! She told me she got them from ASOS so there I went on yet another scavenge. I knew her earrings wouldn’t suit me but found these similar ones (if not the same collection!) in black and white. Still very classy but striking! We all know anyone can rock a whole black outfit but often it just needs that last touch of “shabang”. These earrings are just it! They are very light which makes them comfortable to wear! The only thing to keep an eye on are how secure they are... especially now constantly putting on and taking off masks. You need to be careful to not accidentally open the back and have them fall later on. Nothing sadder than realising halfway through a night out that you lost a damn earring... Well, you need be on a night out to begin with.. Thank you for that, Rona.
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 10
Bottom size: 10
Height: 173cm
Shoe size: 7.5