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split front mom jeans







Brand: Stradivarius Size ordered: 34Kept£25.99
My years in sixth form and first year of uni were spent in the Topshop black Joni skinny jeans. Obviously that era of my life is over now (thank God 😂), I still wanted a pair of black jeans in my wardrobe. This pair from Stradivarius has a unique twist to it with its front stitching a slit by the ankle. They are THE most comfy pairs of jeans to wear and have a nice stretch to them. They super high wasted as well which hides the food belly and means it’s acceptable to wear a crop top with. I’m all for this win!💓
#Jeans#Mom#High waisted#Black
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Shape: Strawberry
Top size: 8
Bottom size: 6
Height: 168cm
Shoe size: 5.5