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Meg high mom jeans in aqua blue 👖







Brand: WeekdaySize ordered: W24 L28Kept£50.00
I have had a pair of faded blue jeans for about 6/7 years now which I have loved with all my heart!! But the rip in them was getting a bit silly so thought it was about time for a new pair. I have nothing bad to say about these jeans! They have a good range of sizes going through width and length so you can make sure it’s your exact size. They fit perfectly!! I love the acid blue colour and the material seems like good quality. They are a little spenny, but considering how long they usually last me I feel it’s worth the investment!
#Jeans#High rise#Mom#Super high waisted#Casual
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Shape: Pear
Top size: 6
Bottom size: 4
Height: 155cm
Shoe size: 3